Blackbird, Blue Irish Limestone, 35x35x35cm, 2021

Starling, Irish Blue Limestone, 35cm high, 2019/20.

Ghost Crystal. 2020.

El Greco. 2020.

Spacetime, Armagh Marble, 15.5cm high. 2019.

August Moon Waning, Irish blue limestone, 35cm high. 2018/19. Private Collection.

August Moon Waxing, Carrara Mable, 40cm high, 2018/19.

Halley 8, Irish Blue Limestone, 18×18.5x17cm, 2019.

Halley 1, Irish Blue Limestone, 2013.

Halley 5, Irish Blue Limestone. 2015.

Halley 7. Irish Blue Limestone, 2016.

Halley 4, Red Mansfield Stone. 28cm high.

Halley 2, Irish Blue Limestone. Private collection.

Halley 6; Halley 3. Irish Blue Limestone. Private collection.

Helin 1. Nottingham Alabaster. Size variable depending on which face it sits (c.25cm high). 2019.

Growler 6. Nottingham Alabaster, 9cm high. 2019.

Helin 3. Irish Blue Limestone, 17cm high, 2019.

Left: Helin 4. Bianco Carrara Marble, 8.5cm high. 2019. Right: Helin 5. Bianco Carrara Marble, 8.5cm high, 2019.

Mountain 282. Irish Blue Limestone, 21cm high. 2019.

Berg. Hopton Wood stone, 16cm high. 2016.

Left: Star 2. Irish Blue Limestone, 25x25x65cm, 2013. Right: Star 1. Portland Stone, 17x17x65cm, 2012.

Star Stone. Cop crag, 28x28x33cm. 2012.

Helin 2. Irish Blue Limestone, 15cm high. 2019.

Folly. Cove Red Sandstone, 36x30x30cm. 2017. Including image from group show ‘Strangelands’, Collyer Bristow Gallery, curated by Rosalind Davis. Now in private collection.

Pavilion. Bianco Carrara Marble, 2016. Shown at solo show, Nottingham University.

Nebula. Nottingham Alabaster, 22x50x60cm, 2018. Image: work in progress.

Painted sculptures (selected). Various sizes, Irish Blue Limestone (except top right: Bianco Carrara Marble). 2015-2018.

Untitled. Nottingham Alabaster, 2016.

Six Sides to a Cube 1. Hopton Wood stone, 30x30x30cm, 2002; Six Sides to a Cube 2. Mansfield Red Sandstone, 25.5×21.5×21.5cm, 2002.

Left: Tree with Pears and Ladder 2. Ancaster weatherbed bas-relief, 1989. Right: Feudal Tree. York stone bas-relief, 1989.

Foliage Cube.Ancaster stone, 28x27x6cm, 1988-90.

Left: Oak Tree No. 1, Bronze, 1994. Right: Dudley Tree, Bronze, 1989.

Pine Cube. Bronze, commissioned for The Boots Group Headquarters, 1999. Further edition pictured at Rufford Sculpture Garden, Nottinghamshire.

Left: Manchester Tree. Limewood, oil, and wax, 1.5m high, 2009. Right: Untitled, Sycamore, 1995.