Halley 5, Irish Blue Limestone.

Halley 7. Irish Blue Limestone, 2016.

Halley sculptures: 1, 2, 3, 6 (Irish Blue Limestone); 4 (Red Mansfield Stone)

Helin 1. Nottingham Alabaster. 2019.

Growler 6. Nottingham Alabaster, 9cm high. 2019.

Helin 3. Irish Blue Limestone, 17cm high, 2019.

Left: Helin 4. Bianco Carrara Marble, 8.5cm high. 2019. Right: Helin 5. Bianco Carrara Marble, 8.5cm high, 2019.

Mountain 282. Irish Blue Limestone, 21cm high. 2019.

Berg. Hopton Wood stone, 16cm high. 2016.

Left top: Star 1. Portland Stone, 17x17x65cm, 2012. Left bottom: Star 2. Irish Blue Limestone, 2013. Right:Star Stone. Cop crag, 2012.

Helin 2. Irish Blue Limestone, 15cm high. 2019.

Folly. Cove Red Sandstone, 2017. Image: group show ‘Strangelands’, Collyer Bristow Gallery, curated by Rosalind Davis.

Pavilion. Bianco Carrara Marble, 2016. Shown at solo show, Nottingham University.

Nebula. Nottingham Alabaster, 22x50x60cm, 2018. Image: work in progress.

Painted sculptures (selected). Various sizes, Irish Blue Limestone (except top right: Bianco Carrara Marble). 2015-2018.

Untitled. Nottingham Alabaster, 2016.

Six Sides to a Cube 1. Hopton Wood stone, 30x30x30cm, 2002; Six Sides to a Cube 2. Mansfield Red Sandstone, 25.5×21.5×21.5cm, 2002.

Left: Tree with Pears and Ladder 2. Ancaster weatherbed bas-relief, 1989. Right: Feudal Tree. York stone bas-relief, 1989.

Foliage Cube.Ancaster stone, 28x27x6cm, 1988-90.

Left: Oak Tree No. 1, Bronze, 1994. Right: Dudley Tree, Bronze, 1989.

Pine Cube. Bronze, commissioned for The Boots Group Headquarters, 1999. Further edition pictured at Rufford Sculpture Garden, Nottinghamshire.

Left: Manchester Tree. Limewood, oil, and wax, 1.5m high, 2009. Right: Untitled, Sycamore, 1995