StarStone, 2011. 5.5m high, Armagh Marble. Market Place, Armagh. Commissioned by Armagh City and District Council. Assisted by Roy Reaney at Armagh Natural Stone Company. Featured in Stone Specialist (2011) and What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School (2016).

StarStone work in progress.

Needle, 2004. 14m high, slate. Albert Pier, St. Helier. Commissioned by Jersey Public Sculpture Trust. National Stone Federation Award, 2006. Opened by HRH Prince Charles.

Freedom Tree, 2004. 6m high, bronze. Overlooking St. Aubin’s Bay, St. Helier. Commissioned by Jersey Public Sculpture Trust to commemorate 60 years since the liberation of Jersey. Opened by HM The Queen.

Interlocking Oaks, 2000. 4.5m high, carved Portland stone. Commissioned by The Boots Company for their Group Headquarters. Assisted by Richard Holiday and Harry Gray.

Fountain Trees, 2002. Festival Square, Basingstoke. 5 ceramic sculptures (3 water columns, 2 marker pieces): 4, 3, 2, and 1m high. Commissioned by Grosvenor Estates.

From the Red Earth, 1995. 1.8 x 4.5m, carved and constructed Sycamore wood sculpture. Commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society for GlaxoSmithKline.

Six Figures, 1997. Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery. 6 carved Red Wilderness sandstone sculptures, forming a 600mm high x 10m long balustrade. Assisted by Graeme Mitcheson. Commissioned by Nottingham City Council. NCC Design Award, 1997.

Northampton Tree, 1992. 3.5m high carved Portland Stone sculpture. Commissioned by Northampton City for the new Guildhall extension. Opened by HM The Queen.

Design of The Peace Gardens, Sheffield, with Brian Asquith, Tracey Heyes, Andrew Skelton, and Richard Watts. Part of The Heart of the City Millennium project. Further area of design and carving: 120m balustrade and 120m stone relief, including 8 weirs. Assisted by Richard Holliday and Harry Gray. National Stone Federation Award 2000; RIBA National Urban Design Award, 1999.

Fire and Water, 1998. 2m high, Carrara marble. Leamington Spa Fire Station. Assisted by Graeme Mitcheson. Commissioned by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Harley Cubes, 2003. 6 carved cubes, 42x42x42cm, Mansfield White stone. Commissioned by The Harley Foundation for The Harley Gallery Courtyard.

3 sculptures commissioned for P&O’s new liner ‘Arcadia’, 2004: Arcadia Stone (Hopton Wood stone) Arcadia Tree (150cm high, limewood, oil and wax); Arcadia Oak (190m high, limewood, oil and wax).

Berg, 2018. 30x30x45cm, Carrara marble. Nottingham University Si Yuan School of Chinese Studies.

River.Sandstone bas-relief, approx. 3.5x5m. St Paul’s Place, Sheffield. 2016.

Water Hawthorn, 2000. Limestone. The EDA Garden Museum, Tokyo.

Shoalstone, 2010. 1.5m high, sandstone. Rushenden. Commissioned by Rushenden Public Art.

Bradáin, 2013. 1.5mx3mx60cm, Blackrock, Ireland. Commissioned by Louth County Council.

Zephyr, 2018. 2 carved granite sculptures for Grovesnor & Hilbert Park, Tunbridge Wells.

Quartet. Bronze, life-size. Angel Row, Nottingham, 1986. Detail: Judith.